Leaving the country within the first year

Teudat Ma’avar

  • In order to leave Israel, either for Poland or a visit home, you will need a Teudat Ma’avar (laissez-passer) or a passport (דרכון).
  • You become eligible for a Teudat Ma’avar 3 months after making aliyah, and for a passport after a year (not applicable for ktinim chozrim and ezrachim olim who have been eligible for Israeli passports since birth).

To get a Teudat Ma’avar:



When you get there, click on “טופס מקוון

The Teudat Ma’var costs 135 shekels in person, 120 if you do it online, and 95 if you do it online between November and February (But it’s only worth it if you’re leaving the country before you’re 1-year aliyah anniversary – because getting a real passport is available after that, and it makes more sense financially and in terms of convenience (it lasts for 5 years).

You need to do it on a PC with a Hebrew-enabled keyboard, and it requires you to install a special Add-On to do it. Once you start filling out the form, say that you are an Israeli Citizen and that you’ve lived in Israel since you made aliyah. Then it will tell you that you’re eligible for a Passport or a Teudat Ma’avar – but that’s a lie, you can only get a Teudat Ma’avar (unless you’ve been here for 12+ months). Choose that and enter your credit card info.

At the end, you need to print. The little Add-On you’ve installed has a Print icon on its menu bar – hit that, and the form should pop up. If it has all your info in it, print it. If it doesn’t, close that window and hit print again until a form with all the info you’ve just entered actually pops up. It’s really annoying, but it works.


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