In your Suitcase or Ship it Later?

Things to bring or not bring with you – what to buy abroad

Many olim want to make sure to bring everything they own with them on aliyah, but for the most part, shipping or mailing your stuff will cost you more than buying new stuff in Israel, and you can also try to sell some of your stuff abroad before making aliyah. However, there are some items that are significantly cheaper in the US, Canada, and Australia than in Israel: computers and other electronics, over-the-counter medication and shoes. Tzevet Klita recommends that you bring your electronic items, shoes, and any over-the-counter medication that you take in your suitcases on your aliyah flight, along with your clothes, personal items, and sentimental stuff. Things like furniture, bicycles, televisions, and kitchen stuff should only be brought if they fit in your suitcase. Leave all spare room for books! Often olim visit their country-of-origin within the first year or two after making aliyah – perhaps you can plan to bring some stuff that didn’t fit into your aliyah suitcases on your way back to Israel from your first visit.


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