Doctors in Haifa

*This is a list of doctors people have seen. If you have questions about people’s experiences or have questions please contact tzevet klita.


Gynecologist, Dr. Sandra Cohen Weinstein, American, Lin Clinic

Gynecologist, Michal Porat, Mercaz Horev

Dental Hygienist, Clalit Neviim Clinic  (suher)

GP, Dr Katzir, Hatzionut clinic

GP, Dr Elishevitz, clinic on Ibn Sina,


GP, Dr. Sigal Spira- maccabi clinic, 73 herzl

Gynecologist, Nina Gordon, Madregot Dor (near chatzav), 04-8535936

Dental hygienist- Keren- maccabi dent (in the chorev center mall)


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